J³akub Koralewski


I am a programmer located in Poland. I (try to) develop: cool websites using modern frameworks like Vue, weird Python bots and scripts. In my free time I like to pretend that I own a company.

Contact me at contact@jcubed.me.

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Cool projects

Titles of the projects are links to the repositories on GitHub!


Mireks - accounting firm website

A real life business accounting firm website.

Built using Vue, but leveraging prerendering thanks to Nuxt. TypeScript using class components allows for greater maintainability in the long run and type safety. The website uses Progressive Web Apps standards and contains a manifest.json. Is using JSON-LD structured data and meta tags for SEO purposes. Uses Sentry error logging with source mapping capabilities as well as Google Analytics tracking searches and clicks.

Site is actively hosted on Netlify under this link (Polish only): https://www.fhumireks.pl

Technical info:

Nuxt, Vue, TypeScript, class-component, SPA landing page, pre-rendered, real-life business website.



Dziennik Frontend - Vue frontend

“Harwart” online student register - Single Page Application. Here’s the website with a working backend hosted on Netlify: https://dziennik.netlify.com/logged-in

Technical info:

Vue.js, Vuex, TypeScript, vue-i18n (both Polish and English language versions), SCSS



Cursor Recorder - After Effects & OBS Scripts

Records mouse movement to a file. It consists of two scripts. OBS Studio as an external Python script or using the standalone Python script. Use the After Effects script to import the generated cursor movement data.

Technical info:

Python, TypeScript (.ts) compiled to ExtendScript (.jsx) for After Effects



Dziennik Rust - Rust backend

A simple CRUD REST API backend written in Rust using actix-web, Diesel and PostgreSQL. The functionality lacks both login and API authorization, and registering new users. It was made for a school project and was never intended to be used in production!

The site is actively hosted on Heroku and is used currently as the backend for the dziennik-frontend project.

Technical info:

Rust, actix-web, Diesel, PostgreSQL



Google Calendar Box Select - browser extension

Chrome Extension to (Box) Select multiple Google Calendar events. You can select, drag, delete, change color and duration.

Technical info:

WebExtension. Working in Chrome, untested in Firefox, Opera and the new Edge. Built using TypeScript, Webpack with some SASS (SCSS).






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About my (non-existent) company

  We here at jcubed have come to know that it is better to reintermediate nano-strategically than to embrace nano-micro-intuitively. We pride ourselves not only on our back-end, intuitive, viral feature set, but our simple administration and simple operation. Your budget for growing should be at least one-third of your budget for engineering. We apply the proverb “Like father like son” not only to our synergies but our power to optimize. If you revolutionize compellingly, you may have to streamline iteravely. If you synergize mega-holistically, you may have to facilitate robustly. Do you have a scheme to become user-defined? Imagine a combination of HTML and COBOL. We will visualize the term “bricks-and-clicks”. We have come to know that if you iterate globally then you may also architect super-ultra-mega-virally.